About The Guy Shed

If you love to get out in the shed, then this site is for you!

This is me (Warren)

I’m Warren from the Guy Shed. I’m a tradesman and a mechanical engineer, and I love to get out into the shed and do stuff.

Just to get something out of the way straight away, if you’re a girl not a guy then you’re definitely still welcome. I’m not trying to be sexist, it’s just that 85% of the people that enjoy doing stuff out in the shed are guys.

My wife is one of the women that do enjoy getting their hands dirty. She’s done a woodworking course, she used to maintain her own car when she was young, and she was a “shit hot aerobatics pilot” (according to one of guys in the same aerobatics club).


Who this Site Is For

This website is for DIYers. A lot of it’s about woodworking. I’ve worked more with metal than I have with wood, so a lot of info here is from other experts.

But where I do have the knowledge and the experience then I use that on this site too.

About Me

If you’re wondering exactly who I am, I started off in airplane maintenance in the mid 70’s working on general aviation (small) airplanes. Since then I’ve done factory maintenance, coach building on coaches, buses and camper trailers, some home improvements, and even installed solar panels.

And I found time to do a mechanical engineering degree then worked designing electric cookers and assembly lines.

My Dad helped me fix up my first house. It was a fixer uppers dream – it needed lots of work – and Dad was a builder.

I spent a lot of time working on my cars too. I started off with a 1963 Beetle, had a number of kombis, two 600cc Hondas and various other cars. At the moment I drive an old VW transporter (I like it) and I’ve got a very rusty 1922 Big 6 Studebaker sitting in the shed waiting for a lot of attention.

Now I’m on a 100 acre bush block on the Great Dividing Range in Australia and it keeps me busy. I’ve got a list of projects to do. Build a greenhouse, build a chook coop, and get a bigger shed than the 2 car garage I have at the moment. That’s for starters. There’s lots of other thing to do too.

3 of my cars - 1960 Kombi, 1968 Corolla, 1964 Honda S600

3 of my cars back in my young days – 1960 Kombi, 1968 Corolla, 1964 Honda S600

What’s On This Site

There’s mainly woodworking stuff here, with a little bit of car stuff, a bit about tools, and reviews of DIY stuff. I plan on adding more about tools and setting up workshops.

We’ve got plans for our newsletter subscribers to download.

There’s an ebook of birdhouse plans which are great for beginner woodworkers. It’s a classic book written many years ago, but birds still like the same sort of houses. (Some things never change.)

The best thing about this book is that the houses are designed to suit specific species. Not all birds like to live in the same houses. Who would have thought they were so fussy? And we’ve added a chapter on selling birdhouses if you want to make some extra money from your hobby.

Then there’s a 440 page book with 40 detailed plans and 100 pages of important woodworking knowhow. Plans include a magazine rack, display cabinet, basic book case, dog house, garden bench, planters and another 35 plans. They all have cutting lists, pictures and instructions.

There’s a lot of plans suitable for beginner woodworkers.

So I hope you enjoy the site.

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