DIY For Guys

Guys are DIYers. It’s in our DNA.

We’ve been DIY guys since the first cavemen sat around their campfire making primitive tools from sticks and stones.

The pioneers had to be DIYers. They built their own cabins. They built their own barns. They put up fences. And when the wagon needed repairs they did it because the nearest blacksmith may have been a day’s ride away.

Our Grandfathers and Great Grandfathers were diyers too. I wrote an article years ago that I’ve posted on this site about how they turned the Tin Lizzie into the the first sports cars for regular people. See it here: The Model T Speedster; Hotrodding The Tin Lizzie

Nowadays we do DIY for enjoyment, to relax and de-stress in the workshop, to get quality furniture and other gear at a fraction of the cost of buying it, and to save money on getting tradesmen out for minor repairs.

So here at The Guy Shed we’ve got DIY articles and posts, and DIY products in our online shop.

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Free Birdhouse Plans

Get our 66 page ebook with birdhouse plans and feeders to suit specific bird species. It has a section on selling birdhouses, and a chart of critical dimensions so you can design your own birdhouse to suit 27 different species.


DIY For Guys

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16,000 Woodworking Plans For Less Than A Penny Each

If you want to save the hassle of searching for good quality free plans for that project you want to build, or you don’t want to pay $10 or $20 for plans every time you build a new project, Ted’s woodworking Plans is a good option.

It’s incredibly cheap, you’re getting the plans for less than a penny each, and if you subscribe to The Guy Shed email list (bottom of page or through the birdhouse plans) we’ve got a short term discounted price that makes it even cheaper.

Read my review of Ted’s Woodworking Plans here.

Make Money From Your Woodworking Hobby

Extra money always comes in handy and what could be better than earning it from a hobby you know and love? So we’ve got a blog post on the best selling woodworking projects. The list of the top 10 sellers is courtesy of Jim Morgan’s Wood Profits.

One of the top 10 sellers is bird houses so you really should grab our free ebook while you can.


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