Build Bird houses Birds Want To Live In

Attract birds to your garden or build and sell these bird houses


Birds will only nest in boxes that suit them. Different species like different birdhouse sizes, different hole sizes, different heights of the entrance hole above the floor… they can be fussy.

Our plans take all that into consideration, with the nesting boxes designed for specific species of bird.  Of course, some birdhouses will suit several different species, so all our plans list species they suit.

What You’ll Get:

  • 66 page eBook
  • 15 bird house plans to suit 12 different species
  • 7 designs of feeding shelves and feeding houses
  • Dimensions of nesting boxes for 27 different species so you can design your own unique birdhouses.
  • Info on selling your bird houses


  • You can build a bird house to suit your local species so you have the best chance possible of attracting them to your garden
  • If you’re building to sell you have a point of difference with all those generic birdhouses!


15 Free Bird House Plans (And 7 Feeders) For Fun Or Profit


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